Gender Differences in Gambling

Women and men do show some differences when it comes to gambling and this can affect the whole game. It does not mean because you are a woman, you most likely lose a game compared to men. But there are certain factors that can affect a strategy and this has to do with gender since men and women are far different from each other when it comes to personality.

According to recent studies, men and women are totally different. This study was conducted in order to gain much information when it comes to treatment for people who have gambling problems.


  • Have the tendency to place higher bets.
  • Very competitive and always play to win.
  • Possibily more prone to gamble compared to women.
  • Enjoy playing games such as Poker and Blackjack.
  • Start to gamble when they are at their late teens.


  • Have less tendencies to gamble compared to men.
  • Start to gamble when they are in their mid 20s.
  • Women who have gambling problems do have lesser alcohol problems but they are more than likely to be living with an alcoholic or abusive partner or spouse.
  • Enjoy playing slots and bingo.
  • Do go out gambling in order to have fun and less competitive when they play each game.

These differences between men and women do have a bigger impact when it comes to treatment for gambling problems. There is a need to have an effective treatment since the number of gamblers who have problems are increasing alongside with legal gambling houses.

Studies have shown that women who have gambling problems are at the average age of 48.1 years while men where 43.8 years old. Also revealing information is that men do prefer playing cards while women prefer playing slot machines.

There is also a relationship between substance abuse to pathological gambling among men. Men do have higher chances of having prior treatments for substance abuse compared to women.

This simply means that effective treatment strategies need to revolve around the unique needs of every gambler using past and present information of any matter that involves substance abuse treatments.

According to a study, about 22% of women are living with a partner or a spouse that has an alcohol problem compared to men with only 7.1%. It simply shows that life at home for females are likely to be stressful or unstable compared to males.

Studies have also shown that men do get involved with illegal activities in order to have money to support their addiction in gambling. There is higher possibility that men end up in jail compared to women.

With these facts and information it is very evident that gambling problems are always related to those people who have alcohol problems, unstable home life and substance abuse. This is where getting effective treatments should be done quickly in order to let those gamblers get out of the mess that they are in.